MARINE & CARGO INSURANCE conference MCI 2019 in Antwerp

MCI 2019, along with our network of logistics service partners, are strategically positioned to guide you through this complex process and to provide you with the proper type of coverage.
MCI 2019 can assist provide logistics service providers with a high quality, competitively priced and easily managed Shippers Interest Policy that allows you to offer your clients the insurance they require. This coverage directly insures your client against physical loss or damage providing them a better option than solely relying on the carrier’s liability insurance and unlike carrier’s insurance, the Shippers Interest Policy will pay to either repair or replace the cargo regardless of if the carrier is found liable.
Join the Speakers team at the MCI 2019 Conference in Antwerp, Belgium at May 6-7! This yearly event brings together all actors in the marine cargo supply chain in one location to discuss trends, challenges, opportunities and the future of the marine cargo industry.


Gary Nuttall, Managing Director, Distlytics

Topic title: Emerging Technologies – learning from other industries Abstract: The insurance sector is not really known as an earlier adopter of new and emerging technologies.  The marine insurance market …

Yuvraj Thakur- Marine Engineer & MBA

General Manager-VTS, Commercial Director APAC VERIFAVIA SHIPPING Legal Environmental Regulatory Overview Yuvraj Thakur is a Marine Engineer who has sailed as an Engineer Officer on Tanker and container ships. He …

Nicholas G. Berketis PhD

Non-Delivery Insurance: Non-Delivery Insurance covers appreciation of value beyond amounts insured under the Builders Risks Insurance and/or the Refund Guarantee and should be considered in a rising market or on …

Nick Burgess

“Subrogation: having paid a claim, what should insurers do to get their money back?”.  He will cover 3 scenarios, for example (1) a cargo damage claim where the insurers can …

Helene Stanway

She will present the work they’ve been doing on IoT in Marine Cargo with their partner Parsyl.  This is a game changer in the Marine Cargo market.